Helping You Navigate Your Life

The best readings start with a strong question. A question that asks for a simple yes/no answer is a terrible waste of a reading when we have the opportunity to uncover so much more! Below you will find some helpful tips to make your questions shine and get the most and highest quality information out of your reading.

Start by focusing on one area that’s important to you. Something that keeps you up at night. Something you’re uncertain about right now. Think about what the situation is about. What is your desired outcome? What are you really asking? Next think about how to state your question.


Fate-based questions are passive questions. They frequently call for yes/no answers. They are fortune telling in nature and they assume we are powerless to change our future. They frequently start with will, where, who, is and should.

Choice Based

Choice based questions are active open-ended questions. This is the more empowered way to ask for guidance. Answers to these types of questions prompt deeper exploration and connection. They give you the power to change the future and shape it into what’s best for you. These questions frequently start with what, why, how or when.


Instead of saying: Is Mike going to be my one true love?

You would ask:
What can I do to attract Mike’s love?
What is the energy surrounding my relationship with Mike?

Instead of saying: Is this job going to be a good fit for me?

You would ask:
What is the energy surrounding this job situation that I should know about?
What do I need to know about in order to be successful at this job?

Some Reading Ideas to Consider

3 Card Readings:

  • Past/ present/ future
  • Situation/problem/action
  • Stop/start/continue
  • Option A/Option B/ How to decide
  • Their feelings/your feelings/advice

A Few Different Spread Ideas:

  • Relationship Spread
  • Career/Workplace Spread
  • Project Event Planning Spread
  • Seasonal Planning Spread
  • Past Life Spread
  • Establishing New Habit Spread
  • Inspiration Spread
  • Back on Track Spread
  • Difficult Decision Spread
  • Who Am I? Spread
  • Life Potential Spread
  • Situation/Advice Spread
  • Goals Spread (Month/ Year/ 3 years)
  • Loss of Loved One Spread
  • Growth through Death Spread


Phyllis Rowan

Your Tarot-reading for me was beautifully presented and spot-on. Discreet, helpful and encouraging from one professional to another. Just what I needed to clarify my position and move forward successfully. Thank-you for a 5-star experience!

Joyful wishes – Phyllis Rowan

Lulu Ryder

My reading with Michelle was very insightful. Although I was hoping that the reading would tell me something different it gave me what I needed to hear. I really liked the oracle card. I have the screenshot and saved to go back to when doubts arise. The reading was presented well, the cards drawn were well explained and easy to understand. I would come back for another reading.


I can recommend Michelle as a thoughtful and caring tarot reader. She certainly pinpointed the focus of the reading and clarified points to ensure both of us were aligned as she progressed to the reading. I found it reassuring that Michelle both explored and heard clearly the reason and purpose for requesting this reading. There was a core theme for me and though Michelle had heard of this spiritual concept she accepted the challenge of researching it further and to discuss her understanding of the concept from that point of mutual understanding she set forth and the reading commenced.

It is commendable that Michelle demonstrated a willingness to explore and communicate clearly allowing the fullest potential of the reading. This also allowed me to relax and receive the guidance in an atmosphere of mutual understanding, without judgement, or any misunderstanding.

The themes of this reading have remained potent some months later and allow me to reckon with my own spiritual journey as I continue to work through this situation.
Again, Michelle, I offer up my thanks for your caring and open heart.

Sonia Bellhouse

Michelle, thank you for such an informative and comprehensive reading. Your attention to detail and the care and concern in answering my question were unparalleled. Your interpretation of the cards has been reassuring and helpful. It addressed and answered the question I’d asked. Yes, those reversals did look a bit daunting but your clear and helpful explanation gave me the positive aspects of them. I am inspired that I have chosen the right path for me and that I can make my dreams a reality if I pursue them. The reading has helped me, reassured me and inspired me to continue on the path I have chosen. Thank you for your time and talents, I deeply appreciate your insights. What I most valued or appreciated about this reading the honesty, depth of knowledge plus the care and concern and her obvious talent. This is the best and most comprehensive reading I have ever had. Overall, I rate your reading 5 stars. The reading gave me a lot of insight into my situation, was extremely helpful to me and provided a lot of value! I would absolutely recommend you as a Tarot Reader to others!